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Ultra-Oil Mops
  • Ultra-Fuel Mops
  • Ultra-Oil Mops
  • Ultra-Fuel Mops
  • Ultra-Oil Mops

Ultra-Oil Mops & Six Oil-only Replacement Mats


Respond quickly to small hydrocarbon leaks and spills on water

Fast-wicking pads soak up 25 times their weight in oil and other petroleum products, but will not soak up water. Polypropylene "oil-only" sorbent pads are cut to fit – easily removed and replaced after they have been saturated.

  • Foam core lets mop head float on top of water and pull off floating oil, gas and hydrocarbon sheen
  • Floating design and pivoting handle make water surface cleanup easy – no stray oil pads to retrieve
  • Aluminum handle telescopes 30" to 52" - provides easy reach to spills
  • Helps meet requirements of Clean Marina Program when used as a Best Management Practice in Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

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Item No.10172385
1 - 3$127.65 (6/PK)
4 - 6$121.25 (6/PK)
7 +$121.25 (6/PK)
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