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Find helpful posts with news, tips, checklists, training, how-tos, and updates about occupational health and safety products and safety issues that help create and promote safer workplaces and a healthier environment.


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Safety+Maintenance Downloads

Download equipment and supply materials for tablet, print and mobile

Download PDF versions of the latest Safety+Maintenance brochures, promotions, product data sheets and learning materials. Various materials available in full print-size version, tablet version or smart phone version.

ANSI standards for FAKs

LEARN MORE about ANSI/ISEA standards for workplace first aid kits

Workplace first aid kits and supplies have new ANSI AND ISEA standards--and classifications. Learn more about kit Class and Type and how to use the identifiers to choose the best first aid for office, vehicle and worksite.

Globally Harmonized System

LEARN MORE about GHS, Part 1: What Is HazCom GHS?

The term "HazCom GHS" stands for Globally Harmonized System for classification and labeling of chemicals. It is an international agreement on a system to standardize the way hazardous materials are classified. First of a four-part series on GHS that will also include articles about who is affected, what must be done to comply, and when GHS will start.

Emergency response kits

LEARN MORE about disaster response kits and preparedness planning

There is a growing demand from businesses for kits and supplies that address natural disasters, lockdowns, and power outages.

HyperKewl evaporative cooling vest

HyperKewl™ Evaporative Cooling Vests and Caps

Workers exposed to extreme heat or work in hot environments may be at risk of heat stress, resulting in occupational illnesses, injuries, even death. Evaporative cooling vests and caps, introduced recently at www.supplylinedirect.com help defend against the effects of working in hot, humid environments.​

Spills happen. Be prepared to respond.

LEARN MORE about spill response and absorbents

Spills happen. Containers leak. Even careful workers have accidents that require them to use absorbents for cleanup.


LEARN MORE about fall protection basics

Learn the fundamentals of good fall protection practice


LEARN MORE about arc flash protective clothing

Learn the basics of protective clothing for electrical hazards

Results: 21 Article(s) Found.